Don't Lose Yourself!

Spring is hopefully on the way bringing better weather, trees coming back to life, and hopefully some good news during this pandemic will come with it. The craziness that 2020 brought has caused distress to us all and our daily lives, please don't lose yourself!

We are all guilty of this, we underestimate the pleasures in life, how getting dressed makes you feel or what we wear effects your mood. Push yourself to put on the makeup you once wore, take time to give yourself that blow dry instead of letting it airdry and throwing it back in a bobble. Put on those jeans and dress jumper, even if its just the farm animals that see you on your daily walk, do it for you, getting a bit dressed up will lift your mood and make you feel you again!

I have taken my own advise today, makeup and hair DONE..... Jeans and shirt on, and added a little fascinator for the photo (always got to promote, and it helps to hide the hair ๐Ÿ˜‚)

Wearing Anastasia


Fingers crossed it won't be long until we are back all dressed up with Weddings, parties and meeting friends, that we have so longed for. Take each day as it comes and remember, put on that lipstick for you!

Take care and stay safe

Hazel x


  • I have done this today also โ€“ real clothes on, hair curled, makeup on. Makes you feel human again for a day at least :)

    Elaine Holden
  • Youโ€™re so right, I cant actually remember the last time I took a blow drier to anything other than my fringe. Mum buns all the way for the last year lol.

    But yep, Iโ€™ll take your advice and dig it out. The length it is right enough, I might be here this time next week too :-)

    Thanks for the blog, hopefully see u soon xx

    Vicki Lindsay

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