Meet My Girls

I was asked recently how I choose my models for my photo shoots and my answer was easy, "My models are the best and have been in my life for many years". I like to keep my photos as close to real life as possible so that they relate to everyone and are not over staged and fake, I am all about the fun.

So why not meet them and see how we met.

Meet Erin

For anyone who doesn’t know, Erin is my gorgeous little sister, she is the best, my biggest fan and my biggest critic alike, Erin is my go to and there is nothing that she wouldn’t do for me and is also the best Auntie to my kids. She probably doesn't know it, but she is a massive part of Feather Finesse and my inspiration most days, I visualise how a fascinator will look on Erin, as the camera loves her, there is never a bad photograph.

 Next up Lorraine

I've known Lorraine since we were 5 years old starting Primary school together. But we ended up going to different secondary schools and meeting new people, fast forward a few years and we ended up in each others company many a weekend, and from there we have never looked back. Lorraine and I have a unique relationship, or I should say, we both hate to loose and are very competitive, so let’s just say we are always on the same team and always have each others back. 

Meet Karen

My fun loving bestie, I've known Karen since I was 12 years old, friends through secondary school and we also went to the same dance classes. She is my little leftie, we spend many weekends together (before lockdown that is), been some amazing holidays and weekends away. We were part of each other's bridal party and our husbands are best friends too, so you could say we are more like family than friends. 

My next girl is Lynne

Lynne is my gorgeous cousin, so we have grown up together albeit we didn’t see each other a lot, but when she moved to Stonehouse, that soon changed. She should have been a model instead of a teacher, when the camera is rolling she turns into a different person, she is a natural, her photographs are always on point!

Meet Pamela

My little pocket rocket, I've know Pamela for many years, she is Karen’s little sister and Erin's best friend, but over the years as we got older and running around in the same circle we all became best friends. Pamela is our runner of the group, running marathons for fun. There is never a dull moment with Pamela around, and she adds that little something special to our photo shoots, especially with her one liners, she is always keeping me on my toes.

Followed by Elaine

Elaine and I went to the same dance school when we were in our teens, we also became close through Karen, we were in the same company most weekends, and then away on girly weekends and hen nights. I can't really remember when it became full blown best friends, it just happened. Elaine likes to think she is shy and is always the first to say before the shoot awe "I'm to old for it".... but on the day, she is always up for it and ends up with more photos than most and they are always gorgeous.

My girl Lorraine

I met Lorraine through our husbands (who are best friends) about 20 years ago. First time I met Lorraine was at a wedding and I remember thinking she is a bit crazy, I'm going to like her! And from there our friendship grew, I cant really remember Lorraine not being in my life. We have had some amazing themed girls nights and Lorraine is always the one showing us all up with her party trick, the Splits. She is the fiery one and we I love her for it, but my Mrs G would do anything for anyone and is always there for a lending hand.

My Melissa

Melissa is my stunning little cousin, who is a natural behind the camera, she suits all shapes and sizes of fascinators, which is a bonus for me. She is a caring and beautiful girl inside and out and would do anything for anyone. Math's teacher during the week....who ever had a Math's teacher who looked like this beauty?? Melissa also used to be one of our very talented dancers of our dance school. She is soon to be a Bride herself and what a stunning Bride she will be. 

Then we have Morgan

Morgan joined our dance school when she was 10 years old, I have watched Morgan grow into a beautiful young lady, she is caring, the fussiest of eaters, and ever so quiet, but not when she is modelling for Feather Finesse, that shyness goes out the window and Model Morgan takes over. 

Last but not least, Chloe

Chloe also joined our dance school from the age of 8. We saw Chloe each week and loved the teen years with a different drama each week, and she always had a story to tell us. I've watched her grow into a beautiful lady and the camera loves her, it doesn't matter what she wears or what fascinator she is modelling the photos are always amazing, she is a Pro, my little CT.


My girls mean the world to me and I hope they will forever be my models. 



  • Some might say I am biased being Hazel’s sister, however I see what goes on in the background, the hard work, endless ideas, keeping up with trends and social media, you have to be dedicated and passionate to do all this, run a family etc, both words are exactly what Hazel is, and it shows in her creations.

    Erin Mundt
  • I love how family and friend orientated this business is. You can tell that there’s as much time, care and effort put into your business as you put into your life. Beautiful fascinators and lovely models to show them off

    Lainey Holden

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