Thank You

Since taking the plunge in August last year with taking my fascinators to the next level, I have been overwhelmed with everyone’s kind words and support. But who would have knew a few months on from rebranding we would be in this Crisis, so it’s not been the best start to my new website, but at the end of the day I’m still working hard to show everyone more of my fascinators and working on more styles, updating Facebook, Instagram, etsy shop, Pinterest and my webpage, which now has 47 fascinators for sale. Website is still getting visited everyday, so I’m hoping they will all become customers when things go back to some normality whether it be wedding guests or race goers. Just sharing my Facebook or instagram page, commenting on posts or just giving them a 👍🏻, it’s all appreciated.

My thoughts are with brides and grooms who have been planning there dream day to have it cancelled or postponed, Iv had many of your guests cancelling,  but I hope when this is over, and all weddings are re-scheduled I will be making fascinators for all your lovely guests, to share your magical day.

This is such a testing time for everyone and I hope your all staying safe and looking after your families, my prayers are with those of you with family that is ill or in hospital.

I’m looking to the future when we can visit family and friends naturally and open my diary for fascinator appointments

Thanks you for your support, it means a lot



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